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May 11, 2012
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Fluttershy by Essence-Of-Rapture Fluttershy by Essence-Of-Rapture

I mean this in the nicest way possible and this is probably the most bitch thing I have ever put on my images, but I am really getting tired of some of the comments (the bad ones). Some people need to stop being ass-hats on how I draw the dragon-ponies. You're not doing anyone a favor, but instead, you're making out the other fans out to be critical assholes. So stop it.
Some things I hear from people

1. Q: Why do you do these? They are strange/odd/I don't get it. << I understand this question and the reason for people wanting to know why.
A: Not really, I like the ponies designs and I like dragons. So I mix them both together for FUN

2. User: Omg, they have thick necks, and their heads arn't really feminine, ect, ect. << Seriously?
Me: Don't care, at all. I do these for FUN FUN FUN FUN! If I wanted constructive critism I would ask. Also, this is my style of drawing dragons. I do not care how you think dragons look. I do not care what your style is. Also, they are mythical creatures. It basically means you can use YOUR IMAGINATION. Also the comment about them not being feminine enough? Serious, Dragons are "supposed" to be reptilian. Most female reptiles are bigger, more ferocious, and look almost exactly like males.

In most cases when I do these I play around. Sorry if I crushed your mad dreams on how you envisioned a certain dragon pony (sarcasm).

3. Q: Do you take requests on what ones to do next? << I love new ideas! Gets me inspired.
A: I do not mind ideas being thrown out, but I do these on a whim and depending on my mood.

Sorry for this pissy post. I am just getting tired of some of the bronies thinking they know everything. ((I am pretty sure this happens in all the fandoms))


<3 Fluttershy. I used to be just like her when I was little :) Still sorta am.

Song listened to 80% while painting this [link]

Art Jackie Roberts
FS Hasbro people
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JasAnderson1215 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Now that is my favorite pony a dragon! ^_^ I wonder what much of an impact now her stare would be if she had to use. Although she is a towering dragon, she still as the wonderful, caring heat of hers. Heart 
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Her Stare would probably MELT anything short of another dragon.

Even if her target didn't have eyes.

Or was physically incapable of melting. XD
JasAnderson1215 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Very true. ^^
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
PS, have you seen my and OtterP's RP here? It's got some nice moments for Flutter-dragon. ;)
JasAnderson1215 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Well, no, but I'll check it out though. Thank you for telling me :-)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Welcome. :)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Dragon!Fluttershy: "Oh...this is very strange.  But--" [giggle] "--everything looks so tiny and cute like this." :meow:
OtterP Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Iron Will: "Eek!" *Coughs* "Ahem, uh, she is really huge..." [Having somehow missed the approaching giant, and being almost stepped on, the Minotaur now backs away slowly from the huge claws of Dragon!Fluttershy's hindlegs]
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
[Dragon!Fluttershy looks down and spots Iron Will. She gasps and scoots away from him--shaking the ground and knocking passers-by on their rears]

Dragon!Fluttershy: "Oh; Mr. Iron Will! I'm sorry, I didn't quite see you there! Sorry...oh, and um; don't be scared. I don't hold anything against you for the 'Assertive-shy' incident. It's mostly my fault for, overboard with your lessons." ^^;
OtterP Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Iron Will: [Plays with his fingers, looking at the giant] "I... I appreciate that... Fluttershy was it? And we did solve the incident, after all."
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