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May 10, 2012
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Rarity Dragon by Essence-Of-Rapture Rarity Dragon by Essence-Of-Rapture

I mean this in the nicest way possible and this is probably the most bitch thing I have ever put on my images, but I am really getting tired of some of the comments (the bad ones). Some people need to stop being ass-hats on how I draw the dragon-ponies. You're not doing anyone a favor, but instead, you're making out the other fans out to be critical assholes. So stop it.
Some things I hear from people

1. Q: Why do you do these? They are strange/odd/I don't get it. << I understand this question and the reason for people wanting to know why.
A: Not really, I like the ponies designs and I like dragons. So I mix them both together for FUN

2. User: Omg, they have thick necks, and their heads arn't really feminine, ect, ect. << Seriously?
Me: Don't care, at all. I do these for FUN FUN FUN FUN! If I wanted constructive critism I would ask. Also, this is my style of drawing dragons. I do not care how you think dragons look. I do not care what your style is. Also, they are mythical creatures. It basically means you can use YOUR IMAGINATION. Also the comment about them not being feminine enough? Serious, Dragons are "supposed" to be reptilian. Most female reptiles are bigger, more ferocious, and look almost exactly like males.

In most cases when I do these I play around. Sorry if I crushed your mad dreams on how you envisioned a certain dragon pony (sarcasm).

3. Q: Do you take requests on what ones to do next? << I love new ideas! Gets me inspired.
A: I do not mind ideas being thrown out, but I do these on a whim and depending on my mood.

Sorry for this pissy post. I am just getting tired of some of the bronies thinking they know everything. ((I am pretty sure this happens in all the fandoms))


I cannot believe what I am going to say.

I have been watching My Little Pony, and It has grown on me like a wart. Which is odd, beause I am the "dudeliest dude" out of all my friends. I don't like it because it is the "in" thing right now and I don't really classify myself as a "Brony" but it is a lot of fun to watch when doing art :3

Also, out of all the little kid shows I have seen I think it has some pretty good leasons for them :) Unlike some cartoons -_-

Big Macintosh and Scootaloo = best ponies ever.

I like Rarity the least out of the main ponies. Probably because I am the polar opposite of her. I wanted to paint her mane though. At least you guys will only see Dragon Ponies so it is more acceptable :P

Art Jackie Roberts
MLP Hasbro people
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JasAnderson1215 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Beautifully done. The color, the shading towards the bottom and the texture of the feathers, very well done. :) Also, since she is a dragon now, maybe Spike has a chance. ^^
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Dragon-Rarity: [Holds up Garble and his gang in one claw, the teen dragons doll-sized compared to her] "Good afternoon, gentledrakes. I'll assume you recognize my voice? you'll know what I'll do for trying to hurt my little Spikey-Wikey...." :devilish:
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
"Huh, fancy meeting you three again, in another bigger dragon stomach, of places"

--- Rover the Diamond Dog, to Garble and his gang, after Dragon-Rarity devoured them alive for all the troubles they had caused her. They, along with the other Diamond Dogs, Suri Polomare, Prince Blueblood, and other unfavorable acquaintances of Rarity, found themselves stuck inside Dragon-Rarity for the foreseeable future. 
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
[:lol: I love how casual he is about it!]

==Meanwhile, Outside Dragon-Rarity's gut:==

Dragon-Rarity: (holding a Diamond Dog pup in her massive claw) "Darling, did I hear you right? autograph? From moi?"

DD Pup: "Yep! ...Please?" (true to his species, he gives the puppy-dog eyes)

Dragon-Rarity: [Grins at the cute look, but still confused] "Aww...I mean, but you DO know who I am, yes? The 'Whiny Pony'-turned-dragon who snatched that entire gang out of their village and ATE them just this morning? I'd NEVER do such a thing to you of course, but..."

DD Pup: "Aww, nobody liked them anyway--gave us Diamond Dogs a bad name, Miss., I kinda...think-you're-super-pretty." *blushes a little* "So...autograph? Please?" :innocent:
OtterP Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Dragon-Rarity: "You find me pretty? Well, aren't you a sweetie." [Magically produces an autographed card, shrunken down to pup's size] "There you go, dear." [Pets him with her huge finger]
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
*The pup grins like a loon at the petting, snuggling Dragon-Rarity's massive claw*

DD Pup: "Thanks, Miss! Oh, how'd you become a dragon anyway? Is it fun being that big?"
OtterP Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Dragon-Rarity: [Heart melts as she watches the tiny pup snuggling, she carefully continues to pet him] "Oh, this was Princess Twilight's experimenting some transformation magic, and it actually worked." [She brings him closer to her snout] "I love being this big, darling." [Pats her belly, giving a short smirk]
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
**"going, got school tomorrow. So...could you put me down, please?"

==Within Dragon-Rarity's tummy:==


*Rover whacks the flailing Prince in the back of the head with a pickaxe, knocking him out cold*

Rover: "You're not melting, that's just SWEAT, dummy! This dragon...pony...lady...thing isn't gonna digest us! Haven't you noticed that we've had plenty of air this whole time, and NO acids?"

Garble: "Wait...she turned into a dragon because of a spell, right? Ya think that spell gave her a fake stomach or something...JUST so she could do all this?"

Suri Polomare: "If that's true, then I officially hate Princess Twilight now, 'kay?"

[Suddenly, the "ground" seems to suddenly shift beneath them, knocking all the snacked-on miscreants off their feet and/or hooves]

Garble: "Now what?!"

===In the Non-Eaten World===

[After sending the Diamond Dog pup home with one last nuzzle, Dragon-Rarity took to the air, flying off towards nowhere in particular. Being a gigantic dragon had its perks.]

Dragon-Rarity: *Giggles and rubs her stomach* "Losing your balance in there, darlings?" :devilish:
OtterP Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Rover: *bounces from her stomach walls as Dragon-Rarity flies* "Pl- please stop! I am sorry about everything bad I have done!"

Prince Blueblood: *shaking his head, he regains his consciousness* "You dog, you hit me! I'm a royalty, you can't do that! And you, you... beast! Let me out this instant!"

Garble: *grunts* "As if this wasn't bad already, I'm stuck here with him..."
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SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
DD Pup: *gasps* "You had a PRINCESS change you?! That's so cool! You must be super-lucky, Miss!" *looks down at her belly* "Heh, serves 'em right; losers....well, I gotta get go
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