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May 12, 2012
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Twilight Sparkle by Essence-Of-Rapture Twilight Sparkle by Essence-Of-Rapture

I mean this in the nicest way possible and this is probably the most bitch thing I have ever put on my images, but I am really getting tired of some of the comments (the bad ones). Some people need to stop being ass-hats on how I draw the dragon-ponies. You're not doing anyone a favor, but instead, you're making out the other fans out to be critical assholes. So stop it.
Some things I hear from people

1. Q: Why do you do these? They are strange/odd/I don't get it. << I understand this question and the reason for people wanting to know why.
A: Not really, I like the ponies designs and I like dragons. So I mix them both together for FUN

2. User: Omg, they have thick necks, and their heads arn't really feminine, ect, ect. << Seriously?
Me: Don't care, at all. I do these for FUN FUN FUN FUN! If I wanted constructive critism I would ask. Also, this is my style of drawing dragons. I do not care how you think dragons look. I do not care what your style is. Also, they are mythical creatures. It basically means you can use YOUR IMAGINATION. Also the comment about them not being feminine enough? Serious, Dragons are "supposed" to be reptilian. Most female reptiles are bigger, more ferocious, and look almost exactly like males.

In most cases when I do these I play around. Sorry if I crushed your mad dreams on how you envisioned a certain dragon pony (sarcasm).

3. Q: Do you take requests on what ones to do next? << I love new ideas! Gets me inspired.
A: I do not mind ideas being thrown out, but I do these on a whim and depending on my mood.

Sorry for this pissy post. I am just getting tired of some of the bronies thinking they know everything. ((I am pretty sure this happens in all the fandoms))


I like Twilight Sparkles' pony design the least out of pretty much every pony I have seen. It's not that it is bad or anything, it is just a personal preference :) I do like her character though!

I hated doing this dragon, and it shows. Sorry Twilight Sparkle fans :<

I listented to Rammstein while painting this. So matches her ponyness. :P

Art Jackie Roberts
TS Hasbro
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MelodyGold Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha looove this!
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
"So, do you boys STILL think invading us was a bright idea, hmm? That we WOULDN'T learn some new tricks from the debacle with the Changelings? Well, it's pretty obvious you're wrong, isn't it?"

--- Princess Twilight Sparkle, to a terrified Griffon Imperial Army, after she used a recently-developed transformation spell (itself adapted from Changeling shape-shifting) to turn herself into a colossal dragoness.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014

--- Soldiers of the normally fearless Imperial Griffon Army, executing an organized tactical withdrawal, after it is decimated by Princess Twilight in the form of a colossal dragoness. Dragon!Twilight chased them down relentlessly, burning away hundreds of Griffon soldiers at a time by dragon fire, grabbing hundreds more with her claws to be devoured*. The whole army was neutralized by the end of the day.

The catastrophic defeat of an Imperial army in battle, and prospects of further engagement against a virtually unstoppable Alicorn Princess in Dragon form, quickly stopped the Griffon Empire's invasion of Equestria and brought forth an early armistice. 

*(They'll be fine, as Dragon Twilight had copied Spike's dragon fire, which teleports any burnt Griffon soldiers into the Equestrian dungeons, and she had her magical horns on auto-cast to place protection spells on those Griffons she swallowed as they enter her jaws, for later removal, alive and unscathed, from her stomach. For all their revelry in the power of their new forms, the ponies remained too kind and compassionate to want to cause any actual harm)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
"I know she didn't actually hurt anyone, but...Twiley was smirking like a lion in front of a mouse when she went after the griffons. She started giggling when they panicked and ran, too; didn't turn herself back to normal until two weeks after the peace treaty was signed.

I think she enjoyed it all a little TOO much..."

--- Prince Regent Shining Armor, on his sister's famous singlehoofed defeat of a Griffon army in the form of a dragon.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
(It's terrifying what people become when they acquire unimaginable power, isn't it?)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
[I was playing that for laughs, but...yeah. But then again, friendship is magic. :) Who's to say Twilight didn't arrange a failsafe in case her draconic transformation went to her head?]

[Or perhaps intervention comes from another source...]

Dragon!Twilight Velvet: [Even MORE gigantic than her daughter] "Young mare! You may be a Princess--and a dragon, at the moment--but I did NOT raise a bully or a thug!" [Grabs Dragon!T. Sparkle by the shoulder with a massive scaly paw, holding her still] "Now you stop terrorizing those poor griffon soldiers this minute, or I'll take EVERY book out of your library but last year's edition of the dictionary for three months!"

Dragon!T. Sparkle: [Puts down a Griffon general she was dangling over her mouth, getting an expression of horror] "Y-you wouldn't...!"

Dragon!T. Velvet: [Dead serious] "Daughter dearest, try me."

Dragon!T. Sparkle: [Sighs in defeat] "Okay, Mom....should I apologize to them?" [points a claw at the cowering Griffon troops]

Dragon!T. Velvet: "Of course! But not just to these poor gents. You'll also apologize to the ones you 'ported to the dungeons with your message-fire, and the ones you ate...and ESPECIALLY those poor griffs you stepped or sat on, then threw towards Canterlot like feathered Frisbees. And you'll apologize to them all personally." [Noticing her daughter about to object] "Ah-ah! Remember: Last. Year's. Dictionary."

[Dragon!T. Sparkle slumps in defeat once more, and her mother tries to hide her victorious smirk. As the few uncaptured griffons try to run for it, the super-colossal mother dragon snatches them up in her tail and lifts them up, up, and up to her muzzle.]

Dragon!T. Velvet: "And just where do you boys think you're going? My daughter hasn't even apologized to you yet...and there's that invasion business to answer for, too. No running off before either of those, gentlemen, or you're all going in MY stomach until we get back to Canterlot! Am I clear?"

Griffon Soldiers: [Various affirmative whimpers and squawks] 
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2014
Dragon!T. Velvet: "Excellent! Though to be fair, I am curious what griffons taste like - I only tried pony so far."

Dragon!T. Sparkle: "Wait, WHAT?!"

= = = 

[Meanwhile, in Twilight Velvet's stomach]

Night Light: "... of course, out of all the things she decides to have fun with that dragon transformation spell my daughter taught her, she decides to swallow ME, her husband, because I forgotten our wedding anniversary for the fourth time! What are you lot in here for?"

Praiser Pan: "I gave her new book a scathing critique."

Jet Set: "I told her her dress for the Canterlot Garden Party looked terrible."

Upper Crust: "I am here for speaking up for my husband... and called her fat."

Changeling soldier: "I cocooned your wife during the Wedding Invasion."

Buck Withers: "I called your son a geek. Now, I kept telling her I turned a new leaf, and Shining and I made peace years ago, but she insisted on some personal comeuppance..."

Night Light: "... right now, I'm not sure if I should gloat, or feel sorry for us all."

Praiser Pan: "And to think, there's this weird obscured law in the ancient, convoluted Equestrian Law books that says this is technically legal... How long is she planning to keep us here?"

Night Light: "Celestia knows... She told me she'll let us out after the day is over, or maybe in a week. Me personally however, she said next time I forget our anniversary, she'll eat me again and leave me here for good! At least she had the decency to cast protection spells on us and gulp down some parcels of food and water."

Jet Set: "Daisy sandwiches! How can she expect me to eat daisy sandwiches?! I HATE DAISY SANDWICHES!"

Changeling soldier: "This is going to be a long week..."

= = =

[Moral of the story: beware a woman scorned; especially if she could turn into a giant dragon.]
ardashir Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Oh, this is hilarious. Mental note: make sure to never, ever tick off a unicorn that knows how to become a dragon! :lol:
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Dragon!T. Velvet: [Right behind you] "Smart thinking there!" :)
SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Words to live by! :D
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